Bookmark your recordings.

Don't waste time listening to unimportant parts of your recording. Bookmark your recordings and skip right to the parts you care about. Great for meetings, lectures, interviews, lessons, and more. 



While you are recording, or during playback, just press the "New Bookmark" button. A pop up window will allow you to create a new bookmark at the current play or record time.  Edit the title and text if you wish. When you play back  you will be able to click this bookmark to skip directly to the time.  

You can edit the bookmark text or title during playback or recording by long pressing on the bookmark you want to edit. 


Create folders to keep your recordings neat and organized. After creating a new folder with the "New Folder" button just drag and drop existing recordings into it.  Once inside the folder, you can create a new recording within that folder or you can drag the recording to the folder 

Edit recording and folder titles by swiping to the left on the recording or folder.  You may also delete the recording or folder by selecting "Delete."


Listen back to your recordings and skip to different bookmarks simply by clicking on the bookmark. You can add a new bookmark while paused or while playing.  Swipe the slider or the waveform to scrub through your recording.  Bookmarks will automatically save once edited or created.


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